Welcome to Drafted - A Guide for Recruiters

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Hey there! Welcome to Drafted 👋

Your team just started using Drafted to support the new hiring objectives at your organization. You may have heard that Drafted is the leading network recruiting platform - but what does all of that mean?

Here's the low-down

There are 3 primary functions of Drafted as a recruiter

  1. Receive and manage referrals 
  2. Source your company network 
  3. Get introductions to candidates

Receive and manage referrals 

First and foremost Drafted is your company’s portal to receiving referrals. With Drafted enterprise, there are two kinds of referrals you can receive, internal referrals and external referrals. You can manage all your referrals in Drafted on the Track Page.

Source your company network

In the Source tab, you’ll be able to find talent directly in your company network. The more folks that sign up for Drafted and add their contacts, the larger the candidate pool for you to source through. Here’s a little more about how it works.

Get introductions to candidates

When you ask for an introduction, the likelihood of that candidate responding to you goes up to 80%. In the Drafted platform, you can see who at your company is connected to the candidates you want to speak with, and ask them for an introduction

Here are some additional articles to help you get started:

Now what are you waiting for? Let's get Drafting! 😎

Have questions? Contact us at support@drafted.us.

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