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Jobs on the Layoff Network - for recruiters

The Layoff Network is a platform for job seekers to connect directly with talent professionals. As a recruiter, you can post jobs to the layoff Network for as little as $10 / month.

I'm hiring - how do I post a job?

To post jobs to the Layoff Network, you will need to set up a public-facing referral page with our External Referrals package. Sign up here.

Where do I post jobs?

Once you sign up for Drafted, you'll be dropped into the platform. You can add your jobs on the Jobs tab from the left navigation. Learn more about how to add your jobs here.

How do I set up my company page?

Go toย Settings

Enter in your basic company informationย 

Enter your referral reward details

Upload your company profile photo and header photos

Where do my job posts show up?

Your jobs and company show up on the Who's Hiring tab which is accessible to all job seekers on the Layoff Network. To view the Who's hiring tab, go to My Profile > Switch to Layoff Network.

You can also share your company page on social media to drive more traffic and collect referrals from outside your organization. Read more about promoting your public-facing referral page here.

I'm stuck in the Layoff Network. How do I get back to edit my info?

You have two options to navigate back to your account. You can click "Switch here" from the left navigation OR go to My Hiring > Switch to Enterprise.

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