How to update your Drafted slackbot

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Your team has been using the Drafted < > Slack integration to seamlessly submit referrals to your recruiting team. Updating your Slack integration takes just a few clicks. 

Updating your bot from Slack

If you are a Slack admin, you might have received a message in Slack to update the Drafted bot.

You must be a Slack Admin to update this integration.
Step 1: Click "Update Now"
Step 2: Click "Add to Slack"Updating your bot from Drafted

Updating your bot from Drafted

If you did not receive a message in Slack, you can update your bot in the Drafted web app.

You must be a Slack Admin and Drafted Admin to update this integration from the web app.
Step 1: Go to your company integrations page in Drafted
Step 2: Click "Add to Slack"
Step 3: Accept Slack application permissions for your workspace


When your bot has been successfully updated, the following message will be posted to the #drafted-referrals channel

You should have a green thumbs-up in Drafted 👍

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