A Message about Privacy & Security from Drafted's CEO

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Drafted's Privacy and Security Promises

We know you have questions for us like What does Drafted do with my data? and How are my connections used?  Vinayak, Drafted's Founder and CEO, would like to take a moment to talk to you about how we treat the connections you share with Drafted.

These are our data privacy promises to you. 

  • Drafted will collect only basic contact information for your connections like name, email, job title, and location. The rest is sourced by Drafted from publicly available sources across the web. 
  • Drafted will not spam your contacts. Drafted will not send any messages to your connections unless a specific user of Drafted, that is in that person’s network, requests it. 
  • Drafted’s data is stored securely in a relational database on the Amazon Elastic Cloud. All connections to and from the server are encrypted all the way through. Any private keys used for encryption are encrypted themselves when stored on local computers only. Two-factor authentication is used on every hosting provider Drafted uses.

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