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We all know that teamwork makes the dream work. Now that you're all set up, invite your recruiting team to Drafted to get them involved in the fun.

Recruiters in Drafted can:

  1. Source through the Talent Feed 🔎
  2. Manage referrals 📋
Drafted Recruiter or Admin permissions are required for this step

In the Team tab, you’ll find various ways to invite your team to join Drafted.

Option 1: If your team uses Slack, you can invite your team to Drafted directly in Slack. Learn more about how to do that here

Option 2: Copy and paste the appropriate invitation link into an email to your recruiting team

Option 3: Choose Role: Recruiter from the drop-down and enter in the email addresses of your team members to send an automated Drafted invitation email.

Just like that, your invitations are off! 🚀

Have questions? Email us at

⭐️ Check out our full Internal Referrals knowledge-base here.

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