Managing your referrals in Drafted

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Finding Referrals

You can view all referrals submitted to your company on the Track page. Apply filters to find exactly who you are looking for.

  1. Search by candidate name
  2. Search by referrer
  3. Filter by job title, department or jobs you follow
  4. Sort by most recent or best quality referral

Referrals vs Leads

When referrals get submitted, they are immediately categorized as either a “Referral” or a “Lead” to help prioritize your outreach.

"Referral" and "Lead" categorization is determined by what you have "starred" on your referral form customization. "Star" answers you want to use to categorize "Referrals" You can read more about that here.

Even though they are in two different categories, both Referrals and Leads are being sent to you directly from your employees.

What is in a profile?

When you click on a referral, the candidate's Drafted profile will open on the right. In the profile you can see:

  1. All of the referrals submitted for that candidate
  2. All of the people at your company that are connected to that candidate
  3. Any notes added by other members of the recruiting team 

Any other information is dependent on what is provided by the referrer or found. Read more about Drafted profiles here

Users with employee permissions cannot see the full candidate profile including notes and other company connections.

Moving candidates through the pipeline

You can move candidates through the hiring pipeline by: 

  1. Clicking the candidate’s name to open their Drafted profile
  2. Finding the Job Association you want to update under "Track"
  3. Selecting the new stage from the drop-down
If you have an integrated ATS, these stages will sync automatically from the stage in the ATS. You will not be able to change the stage in Drafted.
Keep in mind as you move candidates forward in the hiring process, the employee that referred them will be notified via email. Learn more here.

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