Tips for promoting your external referral program

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External referral programs are a great way to add diversity to your referral pool, but sometimes it’s tricky to get the word out. Here are some tips for sharing your external referral program with the world.

Tip 1: Share on social media

Establish a consistent posting cadence that aligns with your audience and stick to it. Experiment with different language until you find something that works! Here are a few examples:

  • General - Hey friends! We’re looking for great people to join our team, do you know some? Refer your friends and family to us and earn some extra cash along the way. Learn more: [insert share URL]
  • Job Specific - We have a new referral program! Do you know a [job title] with [qualifications] experience? Send them our way today and you could earn [external referral bonus]. Make your first referral here: [insert share URL]

Job seekers know jobs seekers and chances are, folks that visit your career's page know someone else that might be a good fit. Whether they didn't find their perfect role, or they want to refer a friend adjacent to the role they applied for, adding a link to your external referral program on your career's page can drive even more referrals from other job seekers.

Tip 3: Send email campaigns

Set up an email campaign to a group of people close to your organization. They can be former job seekers, vendors, investors, and advisors. Some companies will email their current employees encouraging them to share the program with their personal networks too!

You chat with a lot of people every day. Adding your company page link to the bottom of your email keeps your external referral program top of mind for everyone you’re chatting with.

Tip 5: Get creative!

You know your audience better than anyone. Think about where the people you want to hire hangout. Who do they know? What websites do they visit? What events are they attending? Tap into those talent seeking instincts and tell them about your external referral program!

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