A Message from Your CEO (or Other Leaders)

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Getting buy-in from your CEO and other company leaders regarding your external referral program not only is crucial to its success but it can also help you with promotion.

Hint: Need help making a case to your leadership team? Check out Part 2 of the External Referral Playbook

The key to a successful external referral program is all about sharing it far and wide. The whole purpose of collecting external referrals is to tap into the network outside your organization, right? How you accomplish that is by telling people about it! Asking your CEO or another company leader to directly address your program is a great way to kick off this initiative. The most powerful messengers at your company are those on the leadership team, when they speak, people listen.

We recommend asking at least one person on your company leadership team to talk about your new external referral program both within the company and publicly. Ideally, you will want more than one person in the leadership team to participate but we know that can be like herding cats sometimes. Start small and expand. Create easily shareable messages on convenient platforms to maximize impact with little effort from the team. Below are two examples of company-wide and public-facing messages that you can give to leaders of your company for distribution.

Company-Wide Email from CEO or Other Company Leaders

We recommend giving the details of your program and giving explicit instructions for employees to share this information with their network. You can also encourage them to share the social posts about the program created by your company leaders or from your company's social profiles.

Public Announcement from CEO or Other Company Leaders

We recommend making this announcement from both your leader's personal social account and the company accounts as well. While we are using LinkedIn as an example, you can do it anywhere you have a following on social media.

P.S. Don't skip the hashtags!

Other Ways to get Company Leaders Involved

Here a few other ways you can leverage your company leaders for quick wins.

  • Ask them to add the referral link to their email signature
  • Encourage them to have one-on-one conversations with other internal stakeholders about the program
  • Offer them up as a reward! Seriously, dinner or drinks with the CEO of your company could be a huge draw if your company is well known

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