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Hey there! Welcome to Drafted πŸ‘‹

Your leadership and recruiting teams have come together to prioritize your voice in the hiring process. Moving forward, Drafted is going to be the source of truth for employee referrals at your company.

Here's the low-down

There are 3 main things to do in Drafted as an employee

  1. Submit referrals
  2. Receive match suggestions
  3. Give introductions
Submit Referrals

First and foremost Drafted is your portal to submit referrals directly to the recruiting team. You can keep track of all your referrals on the My Referrals page. Drafted will send you email updates when your referral progresses so you are always in the loop on where your referral is in the hiring process.

Receive Match Suggestions

To give you even more opportunities to submit referrals and get referral bonuses, you can add your connections to Drafted to receive suggestions of people you know who might be a good fit at your company. You can view your match suggestions on the Matches page. Read a little more about how match suggestions work here.

Give Introductions

When you begin to submit referrals through Drafted, your recruiting team may ask you for an introduction to someone you know. Introduction requests will come to you via email. All you have to do is click "Make Intro" or "No Thanks". You can customize the email or use the existing template, it's all up to you!

Here are some additional articles to help you get started:

Now, what are you waiting for? Let's get Drafting! 😎

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