Drafted Plans and Billing FAQ

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How do I buy Drafted?

Start by creating a free account with the product of your choice. There are two available options - Employee Referrals and External Referrals. If you plan to use both products, just choose one and you’ll be able to add on the other one later.

Where do I pay for my plan?
You need to be a Drafted admin to access this. 

Drafted will ask you to pay once you hit the free usage limit on your plan. You can go to the billing and plans section under Manage → Settings.

Is there a discount for annual billing?

Yes. Once you choose a plan, just use our Live Chat in the product and ask to upgrade to annual billing. You’ll get a 20% discount for using annual billing.

Where can I find the contract agreement?

You can find our Subscription Agreement, Terms of Use, and other documentation on the Drafted resources page.

My card is expired, how do I update my payment method?
You need to be a Drafted admin to do this.

You can update your card by clicking “Manage Payment” on the Billing page under Manage > Settings > Billing.

When you change your payment method, be sure to choose the option to set as default. This way, Drafted will use your new payment method for all future billing.

If you have any problems, just use the Live Chat or email us at billing@drafted.us.

I’m currently using External Referrals, how do I get access to Employee Referrals?

Head over to the Plans page under Manage > Settings > Plans. You’ll be able to select “Internal and External Referrals” as your plan there. This will simply bill you for both plans in a single subscription. If you run into any trouble, use the Live Chat on the page or email us at billing@drafted.us

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. When you hit your referral threshold you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

Does Drafted manage reward payouts?

Drafted does not manage your reward payouts. If you are looking for a payment solution we are happy to connect you to one of our partners.

Is there a free tier?

Yes - it is free to create an account on Drafted. You will only be charged if you wish to receive more than 3 referrals.

Can I add or remove more team members?

You can add or remove seats to your plan at any time.

Have questions? Email us at support@drafted.us.

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