Asking for an Introduction through Drafted

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In the world of recruiting, a mutual connection to a candidate can make all the difference. The likelihood of a candidate responding to you goes up to 80% when an introduction is made. 

So how does it work?

Click the blue “Get Intro” button. 

Connect your inbox.

This is so the emails you send from Drafted can come directly from your email address. 

Choose a role that fits the candidate.

Select which connection you want to ask for the intro.

Drafted will automatically rank connections to give you an idea of who might be the best person to ask. 

If there are multiple promising connections, you can ask one of them for a review for extra insight!

Customize intro request email.

Drafted will generate an email to send. You can switch templates from the drop-down at the bottom or directly edit the email to fit your communication style. 

Emails sent through Drafted have email generating buttons in the email already so all your recipient needs to do is click “Make Intro” or “No Thanks” and another email template will pop up in their window. They can edit the template if they want, but otherwise, it only takes two clicks!

Click “Send” and your introduction request is off!

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