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In Drafted, you have the ability to set your referral rewards by job, department, location, and more. Check it out! πŸ‘‡

You will need Drafted Admin permissions to set your rewards.

Under Referral Program > Rewards select which rewards you want to set. Depending on your package you may only have one option.

First, you'll add your referral program details

  1. Enter a headline and details and click Save.
    This is what referrers will see first, make it eye-catching and informational.
  1. Then add your full referral policy document and click Save. You can either add a link or upload an attachment.
    This will allow folks to read all the specifics of your referral policy regarding eligibility, bonus structure, payouts, and more.
If you need support writing a referral policy, check out our guide to writing a referral policy.

Your referral program details will be displayed on your Company Page.

If your team uses Drafted in Slack the referral program details will be displayed in Slack too.

Then, you'll add your rewards

  1. Click the green Create a Reward button.
  1. Name your reward. This is used for internal purposes only. The Reward Name will not be displayed to referrers.
  2. Add a headline and description. The Reward Headline and Reward Description will be displayed to referrers.
  3. If your reward is not directly tied to an amount (ie. Vacation to Hawaii) you may want to add a reward value for easy reporting purposes. Reward Value will not be displayed to referrers.

Reward Targeting

This is where you can specify which roles are eligible for the reward you just listed. You have the ability to target rewards by Department, Location, or individual jobs. You can also exclude Departments, Locations, or individual jobs from the reward targeting.

When you have the reward parameters set the way you want, click Create.

Preview your targeted jobs

Once you finish targeting your rewards, you can preview which jobs your reward applies to. By clicking view jobs with this reward, you can preview which roles your reward applies to.

Reward Conflicts and Priority

You can only have one reward displaying on each job. If your reward targeting contains a job that already has a reward, this will cause a conflict.

Rewards are ordered by priority, meaning newer rewards will override older rewards in the event of a conflict.

Example: You have one reward that covers roles in San Francisco, and another reward covering the Engineering department. An engineering role in San Francisco will cause a conflict. In this case, the newer of the two rewards would be prioritized on that job.

You can bump an older reward to the top of the list by un-publishing and re-publishing the reward. This will move the reward to the top of the list, prioritizing the older reward over the newer one.

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