How to read the status of your referral

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So you’ve submitted a few referrals and now you want to know where they are in the hiring process. The “My Referrals” page is where you can see a quick snapshot of where your referral is in the hiring process. 

How it works

When you submit a referral, it instantly gets sent to your recruiting team’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). As your recruiting team moves your referral along the hiring process in their ATS, you will receive email notifications that your referral has progressed. You can also check the status of your referral at any time in the My Referrals tab in Drafted.

Let’s break it down

Candidate Stage: This stage shows you exactly which step in the hiring process your referral is currently in for any role at your company.

Referral Stage: The Referral Stage shows you which stage your referral is in for the vetting process. See below for a breakdown of what each stage means.

What do the stages mean?

New Lead: Your referral has been submitted to the recruiting team.

Outreach: Your referral will be or has been reached out to.

Screen: Your referral is being screened by the recruiting team. This stage could include skill assessment and job knowledge exercises.

Interview: Your referral has moved on to an interview. Depending on your company’s hiring process, this could include multiple rounds of interviews.

Offer: Your referral has been offered the job.

Hired: Your referral has been hired (yay!🎉)

Rejected: For any reason, your referral wasn't a fit. This could mean they were rejected, they accepted another offer, withdrew their application etc.

Deleted: This means that the application tied to your initial referral has been deleted. Drafted cannot see why the application was deleted. This also does not mean your referral has been removed from the hiring process. It is possible that your referral is being considered for another role.


There is a * next to my referral. What does it mean?

A * is placed on a referral when the candidate is still active in the hiring process but is not tied to your original referral. There is a multitude of reasons why this can happen, including but not limited to: 

  • The person you referred also applied for the job.
  • The person you referred was moved to another job by the recruiting team.
  • Someone else at your company also referred the same person you did.
  • You referred the same person to multiple roles.

My Candidate Stage says "Rejected", but it is also under "Active Referrals". What is happening?

As referrals move along the hiring process, they may be moved into another role that they are a better fit for. If your referral is rejected from the original role, but are still active in the hiring process, they will appear under “Active Referrals."

The Candidate Stage or Referral Stage of my referral is none of the above stages. What does it mean?

Both the Candidate Stage and Referral Stage are synced directly from your company’s Applicant Tracking System and therefore are completely custom to your company’s hiring process. Any specific questions about your referral’s status can be sent to your recruiting team.

I just talked with my referral and they said they were in a different stage than what is displaying in Drafted. 

Drafted pulls the status of your referral directly from your recruiting team’s applicant tracking system. If the stages do not match what your referral told you, the status has not been updated by the recruiting team yet. Please allow 24 hours for stages to update in Drafted.

Does the person I referred need to apply as well?

Nope! Your referral could apply to support their application, but it is not required. 

My referral was hired. What do I do now?

Reach out to your recruiting team for specifics on the next steps.

I have a specific question about the status of my referral or my company’s referral policy.

Any specific questions you have should be sent to your recruiting team. 

I believe one of the stages attached to my referral is incorrect. Who do I contact?

To clarify the current stage of a referral or if something just doesn’t seem right, you can always reach out to us at or chat with us live.

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