Adding your jobs to Drafted

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Before you can start collecting referrals, you need to add your jobs to Drafted.

The Jobs page is where all of your open roles will live.

If you use one of the following Applicant Tracking systems, your jobs will automatically sync when you set up your integration. You can connect your ATS on the Integrations page.

If your ATS is integrated you do not need to manually add jobs in Drafted. Any jobs manually added in Drafted will not be connected to your ATS and therefore any referrals made for manual jobs will not be sent into your ATS.

Don't have an ATS or use something different? No problem! You can add and manage jobs right in Drafted.

To add a new job go to the Jobs page.

Click the green "Add New Drafted Job" button on the right.

Fill out your job details:

  • Job title
  • Department
  • Location - make sure to select a location from the smart search drop-down.
  • Specify if remote workers are accepted
  • Specify if work visas are supported
  • Specify if the job post is internal or external
    • External jobs get posted on the public-facing company page
    • Internal jobs are only visible to users with Drafted accounts at your company.
  • Add similar job titles and skills that are associated with that role - this will:
    • Improve match suggestions to your employees (internal referrals)
    • Increase the searchability of your jobs on the Layoff Network (external referrals)
  • ATS Job Board URL - Add the URL for the job on your careers page. That way, someone who is interested in the role for themself, can apply directly on your careers site.
  • Job summary - this is a brief intro to your job description
  • Full job description
  • Click "Submit & Publish Updates"

That's all it takes!

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