Types of Referrals

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There are two types of referrals that come through Drafted. Internal Referrals and External Referrals.

Internal Referrals in Drafted

Internal referrals, also called employee referrals, are referrals that come from inside your organization.

Employees can view the status of their referral at any time on the My Referrals page.

Employees will also receive an email notification when their referral moves forward in the hiring process. Employees do not receive email notifications if their candidate is Rejected.

External Referrals in Drafted

External referrals are when someone outside your organization submits a referral. In the Company tab, you will find your company’s external referral page. This page can be shared on social media, in email campaigns, and wherever your creativity takes you, to receive referrals beyond the network of your company. Read more about non-employee referrals programs here.

Unlike Internal Referrals, external referrers do not have much insight into the hiring process.

Managing Referrals

Both Employee Referrals and External Referrals immediately get sent to the Track page. If you have an integrated ATS, they will also be sent there. Learn more about managing your referrals in Drafted.

To isolate internal or external referrals on the Track page:

  1. Click the drop-down next to "Filter by Activity"
  2. Select the type of referral you are looking for

Have more questions? Contact us at support@drafted.us.

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