How Drafted matches work

Updated 3 months ago by Olivia Clark

Ever wonder how Drafted aligns the people in your network to the open jobs at your company?

When you upload your connections to Drafted, you are only uploading their name, most recent job title, most recent company, and email address, if it's available. Our technology will then search the web for publicly available information to build profiles.

These profiles are then matched to the open roles at your company and delivered to you via email and Slack as well as featured on the Matches page.

Drafted uses public information to create profiles and align them with jobs, so occasionally you may find a match that doesn't fit. You can let us know by clicking "Bad suggestion? Tell us why" and choosing a reason from the list. This will improve the matching algorithm in the future too!

Upload your contacts to start receiving match suggestions!

See a profile that looks a little funky? Let us know at

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