🎥 Workable Integration

Updated 9 months ago by Aubrie Przybysz

Our Workable integration makes job posting seamless and keeping track of referrals easy. 

How to Integrate:

Our integration:  

  1. Imports your Workable jobs into Drafted with 1-click and keeps them in sync. No more double-posting or copy-pasting.
  2. Automatically send referrals from Drafted into Workable to continue hiring at light speed. 

Here's a glimpse of what your referral will look like in Workable. 

Referrals imported from Drafted will be tagged, #drafted #referral and #passive_referral (if they don't know they are being referred) or #active_referral (if they do know they are being referred). 

Drafted also sends Workable the referral note and a link to their candidate profile on Drafted. 

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