Inviting your team to Drafted

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Inviting your team to join you on Drafted is the most important part to get referrals from them (naturally).

Good news - it's pretty simple.

  1. Make sure that you have Recruiter or Hiring Manager permissions for your team (if not, ask the team admin or ping us)
  2. Go to the Team page
  3. You can invite team members to Drafted by copying & pasting an invitation link or by sending an automated invitation through Drafted

When you first announce Drafted to your team, you might want to send an email that comes directly from you that provides a little more context. You may want to include an invitation link right in that email. This is when you would use an invite link.

To get a copy of your team's invite link you will scroll to the appropriate permission you want those folks to have and click copy.

You can then paste this link into any communication to the folks you want to invite.

Invite through Drafted

Other times you might prefer to send an automated invitation from Drafted. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the team page, select a role, add the emails you want to invite. and click send invites.

Invites will be sent to the email inbox of the recipient.

If your team communicates via Slack, you can manage invites through that too. See how here

Not sure how to introduce Drafted to your team? We have an email template you can use!

Have questions? Email us at!

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