🎥 Getting Started - How to import your LinkedIn network

Updated 2 years ago by Aubrie Przybysz

What am I importing?

We get it - you probably have questions about what happens to your contacts, so here's the deal.

The *exact* information that Drafted will store when you import your LinkedIn data is

  1. Your public LinkedIn profile
  2. A list of your connections

Drafted does not store

  1. Private LinkedIn data like your messages
  2. Generally speaking, anything that you'd think about as sketchy (we're trying not to be)

How does it work?

  1. Export your stuff from LinkedIn
  2. Import it into Drafted
Sometimes LinkedIn is slow at step 1 - when this happens, you might have to wait for an email from LinkedIn before proceeding to step 2. 

Ok let's do it  (you can also follow along to step-by-step instructions here

For more information on privacy and security, you can look at the legal stuff

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