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Before setting up your Lever integration, you may have some questions about how it all works. Here are some of our frequently asked questions about the Drafted Lever integration.

Summary: Drafted syncs jobs and candidates to provide a seamless referral program experience to your employees and recruiters.

What data does Drafted read from Lever?

When you connect Drafted to Lever, you do this by giving Drafted an API key to the Lever API. This Lever API allows Drafted to read information about jobs and candidates from Lever.

1. Job posting data (a good rule of thumb is "whatever is displayed on your careers page")

2. Candidate status data (Drafted tracks the status of referred candidates in Lever to provide automatic updates to the referrer)

3. Candidate ownership data (Drafted reads who the candidate owner is to be able to notify them and give appropriate access within Drafted to the right candidates)

Drafted only stores information that is needed to support the functionality in the product, and does not read or store other data from Lever. Drafted does not collect any sensitive information from Lever, nor does it read proprietary information like interview notes or candidate ratings.

How does the job syncing work?

Each night Drafted automatically syncs your Lever jobs including job details, department, and job owner.

How does candidate tracking work?

Once a candidate is sent into Lever, Drafted begins tracking that candidate’s progress in your talent pipeline. Referrers are notified via email when their referral reaches new stages in Lever. You can see how this data is displayed to Drafted users on the Track page and the My Referrals page.

What data does Drafted send into Lever?

Referral & candidate information.

The following fields about every referral made in Drafted are sent into Lever:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Title
  4. Company
  5. Social Handles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Personal)
  6. Referrer Name
  7. Referrer Email
  8. Details for the referral, a link back to the Drafted profile, and other Drafted interactions such as asking for an introduction are all recorded in the notes of the candidate on Lever.
What do Drafted candidates look like in Lever?

Lever candidates can have sources and tags and Drafted takes advantage of both.

Source Field:

  • All candidates sent into Lever will have sources of “Sourced” and “Drafted
  • Candidates who were referred also have a source of “Referral

Tags Field

  • All candidates have a tag that is that candidate’s current job title
  • All referrals are tagged with text “Referred by [Referrer Name]
Does Drafted delete any data in Lever?

No. Drafted can only read existing data and/or add additional data to Lever. Once data is sent into Lever, Drafted cannot edit or delete that data. If you unpublish a job in Drafted, it’s only unpublished in Drafted.

What about Security and Privacy?

Drafted is an official Lever partner and uses security best practices according to ISO27001 guidelines.

Drafted is compliant with GDPR and CCPA guidelines including the right to be forgotten, data subject access requests, and privacy by design. Drafted does not sell any customer data to third parties for any reason.

If you stop being a Drafted customer, you can request all company data to be deleted within 30 days.

For other security and privacy information about Drafted, you can check out our documentation here.

Have other questions? Feel free to send them to us at support@drafted.us.

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