How to configure your Lever integration in Drafted

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Once you've added your API key, you'll want to configure your Lever integration in Drafted.

Lever Stage Mapping

When you mark a candidate in a screen, interview, offer, or hired stage in Lever they'll automatically update to that stage in Drafted.

You will need admin permissions on Drafted to edit mapped Lever stages.

How to Edit and Map Stages in Drafted

  1. Go to "Settings" and toggle to "ATS Configuration"
  2. Lever stages are on the left, the Drafted stage it is mapped to on the right.
    Don't see your Lever stages? Click the blue "Sync Lever Stages".
  3. To map an ATS stage in Drafted, select the ATS stage(s) you want to map
  4. Choose the Drafted stage to map them to from the dropdown
  5. Click "Map Stage"
  6. Repeat the above steps until all your Lever stages are mapped to a Drafted stage.
For Internal Referrals Only
When a candidate moves forward in the hiring process, the employee that referred them will receive an email notification that their referral has progressed.

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