Identifying Your Audience to Get More Referrals

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When promoting your external referral program, you want to make sure you're putting your efforts into the right places. It's easy to fall into a habit of reaching out to the same audience over and over. Let's take a look at some tips for identifying your external referral audience.

Consider your open roles

Not everyone is an avid LinkedIn user. While folks in marketing, sales, and recruiting tend to spend significant time on LinkedIn, folks in healthcare, education, hospitality and so many more may spend more of their time on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. Consider your open roles and think about where they spend their time.

Think one degree removed

We are so used to thinking about how to reach potential candidates, but external referrals rely on an additional degree of separation. Think about who works closely with the people you want to hire. Looking to fill an engineering role? Maybe try connecting with some product managers.

Ask job seekers

Job seekers know job seekers. Sometimes you get to know an amazing candidate and it just doesn't work out. If your relationship is positive, don't be afraid to ask that individual if they know someone else that would also be a good fit at your organization.

Another way to drive external referrals from job seekers is by adding a campaign link to your careers page. Don't have an open role that fits for that job seeker? Maybe there is one that's great for their friend!
Collaborate with your business partners

The other companies you work with hold a unique perspective on how your company operates. Leveraging your business partners for external referrals could open the door to a whole new pool of candidates.

Do you use other strategies to identify your external referral audience? Share them with us at!

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