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Some of our most frequently asked questions about the Drafted | Slack integration

What does the Drafted | Slack integration do?

The Drafted Slackbot allows you to submit referrals to your recruiting team directly in Slack. The Drafted Slackbot will also send you suggestions of people in your network to refer.

Learn more about submitting referrals through Slack.

How does the Drafted slackbot get installed for everyone?

First, a Slack Admin has to add the Drafted slackbot to your Slack workspace. Here's a step-by-step on how to do that.

After that, every user who signs up for Drafted has access to the Drafted slackbot. When a user adds their contacts to Drafted they will automatically start receiving weekly match suggestions from the slackbot.

When do I get matches?

Once you add your contacts to Drafted you will start receiving smart match suggestions on Wednesdays. By default, you automatically will receive match suggestions weekly.

What if I want to change the frequency of my matches?

You can manage your slackbot preferences by clicking "Edit Preferences" on any smart match or visit My Profile > Notifications in Drafted.

I got a bad match - what do I do?

If you receive a match that doesn't fit the role, you can click the red "Not a fit" button. You'll then be able to tell us why that person was not a good fit. Every time you report a bad match, the Drafted algorithm will get smarter, and your matches will get better.

There is no picture for my match what does that mean?

When you add your LinkedIn connections to the platform, Drafted only receives your connection's name, job title, current company, and email (if it is available). Other information like photos and locations are found through publicly available information on the internet. This extra information is not always found.

Read more about how profiles work in Drafted.

What are the commands I can give the bot?

The Drafted slack bot has a few commends. The most popular are:

Match - To manually generate a new match, type "Match" to the bot.

Refer - To refer someone specific, you can type "Refer [Name]" to the bot. (ie. Refer Shannon)

Help - To view a full list of the Drafted slackbot commands

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