10 Ways to Engage Employees using Drafted

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10 Ways to Engage Employees using Drafted

Did you know you can use Drafted to engage your employees and keep the referrals coming? Here are the top 10 ways we recommend following to keep your team active. 

  1. Click the wake-up button next to employees on the Team page to send them a Drafted reminder.
  2. Share the Leaderboard in an email highlighting the top referrers. 
  3. Invite a new team to Drafted!
  4. Have an all-hands meeting coming up? Ask your CEO to mention Drafted and your referral efforts during the meeting.
  5. Add your Drafted invite link to your email signature.
  6. Make a referral goal and ask your team to help you hit it! "We're trying to hit 100 referrals and we are just a few away."  
  7. "Can you send 1 referral?" Ask employees to log into Drafted and just send a single referral. 
  8. Make a contest! The first person to send a referral gets an Amazon gift card.  
  9. Resend invites to people who haven’t joined yet by clicking “resend invite” next to their name on the Team page.
  10. Share your Drafted company link on social channels for external referrals and encourage team members to share the same link.

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