Managing your team and access on Drafted

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Managing your team on Drafted

It's really easy to manage your team on Drafted, by going to Team --> Manage Team.

Managing your team on Drafted

In Drafted team management you can

  1. Add or remove people from the team
  2. Change permission levels for your team
  3. See high level stats about adoption and usage on your team

Removing members or changing permissions for your team

  1. You can remove a team member by simply clicking the X button next to them.
  2. You can change their permission by clicking the Role dropdown and selecting the new permission level.
  3. If you are using Okta or SCIM for provisioning, team members who are de-provisioned will automatically lose access to Drafted
  4. If you are using Google or Outlook for Single Sign-On, then any team member who loses access to their GSuite or Office365 account will no longer be able to access Drafted.
  5. Referrals from deleted team members are still available and are not deleted.
  6. The recruiting team will lose access to any other information on the team member's account when it is deleted.
  7. Any user can independently ask our support line to delete all their data or submit a GDPR+CCPA compliant Forget Me request by going to

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