Email templates for inviting your team to Drafted

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Introducing a new tool to your team can be tricky. What do you tell them?

Here is an example email you can send you your employee-base to help introduce Drafted.

Subject: Signup for Drafted!  What is Drafted? Why should you care?

[Company Name] Team,

Building the future at [Company Name] means we have to always be thinking about how to surround ourselves with people smarter than us.

While finding strong candidates to refer may not be what you spend most of your time on, it is easily one of the highest impact activities you can do here.

Our management and recruiting teams are using Drafted to make sure we prioritize your referrals and effectively leverage your warm introductions to connect us with the top talent in our space.

Other companies that work with Drafted were able to get 1000+ referrals and 50+ hires in the first 3 months.

Drafted will be our source of truth for referrals and rewards will be tied to your participation in Drafted.

[Sign up for Drafted Here! Insert Company Sign Up Link] 

**Welcome to Drafted - How to get started**

Help Center. Please direct any questions about Drafted to [Company Recruiting Lead] or


[Company Recruiting Lead] & the [Company Name] Talent Team

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