How Drafted for Stride works

Updated 8 months ago by Aubrie Przybysz

Drafted for Stride

Drafted referrals are seamlessly integrated with your everyday communication tool. After your Stride integration is set up, you'll have access to all the open roles of your company. 

Gain complete access to your entire network. 

When you click on an open role, you'll be able to scroll through your Drafted matches for that position.

 You can hover over any of your Match cards to reveal: Share the profile, Review the profile, and Refer. 

Share the Profile

Sharing the profile will send that candidate to the current room. This provides a way for you to get feedback on a candidate before referring them. 

Review the Profile

Clicking review the profile will open the candidate's Drafted profile. 


When you click refer, a dialogue will pop-up to share information, like the role you're referring them to and a note for why you're referring them. 

After you make the referral, the referral is shared in the room. A notification of your referral is also sent to your hiring team through Drafted. 

Need to set up your Drafted for Stride integration? Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started. 

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