Connecting to LinkedIn - Step-by-step Instructions

Updated 6 months ago by Aubrie Przybysz

Step 1: Click Add LinkedIn 

Step 2: A new screen will open up for directing you to LinkedIn. 

Step 3: Select "Pick and choose" and check off "Connections" and "Profile". 

Step 4: Click request archive. 

If LinkedIn says you've reached your limit for file downloads, you'll be able to repeat these 4 steps the next day and receive your download. LinkedIn limits to one download per day. 

Step 5: Close the window and select "finish." 

Step 6: A 10-minute countdown will start and by the end of the countdown your file download will be ready.

LinkedIn will also send you an email telling you your file download is ready. 

Step 7: Drag and drop the entire zip file into Drafted. 

If you receive an error message try dragging and dropping that same zip file again. 
Already logged into Drafted and need to add your zip file? Here's where you can quickly add the file.

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